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To begin with, spring is the best time for a visit to Odessa. April and May are months which are perfect for tourists who are not interested in a beach rest. To psychologists’ opinion, in spring a human’s organism starts waking from its winter sleep activating all its resources, including hormonal and sexual ones. In addition, spring sun is always associated with something romantic, cheerful, active. We perceive this time as a small start of something for us, that’s why we are more open to acquaintances and relationships. Well, the spring is anyway the best time for those who go to Odessa in search of brides.

If you can’t imagine your trip to Ukraine without sea, from June to September a bright sun, snow-white beaches and, surely, girls in bikini are waiting for you. By the way, believe, it’s not so hard to get acquainted on a beach in Odessa. One needs just a bit of sureness, positive and some humor. And who knows where you come across your faith.

Young people in Odessa prefer getting acquainted in night-clubs. The atmosphere there disposes to communication with new people: everybody is relaxed, in good mood, and brave after a glass of wine or a cocktail. With coming of the summer people in Arcadia clubs are more varied. New faces emerge on dance-floors, and they are not only old clubbers. You may try your luck from Thursday to Sunday. In these days the majority of Odessa clubs is just filled with lonely young and beautiful girls.

Those considering acquaintances in night-clubs to be unreliable choose the old well-tried way and go to cafes, bars and restaurants not just to dine but to get acquainted with someone as well. At the same time, one should remember that clubs, restaurants and resorts are usually considered to be places for acquaintances for not serious people, and there is a high possibility to meet a women or a girl who is far from thoughts about serious relationships and family. For those who like occasional acquaintances meetings on stops of public transport will be OK. Here thousands of people come daily. It is surely hard to like someone in a morning crowd, but one may occasionally come across a beautiful and interesting woman. If there is no bus for a long time, don’t be shy and come up to a girl you like. Girls in Odessa have nothing against flirting in a public transport.

Speed Dating was created for those having not much time for long communication. Today various public places in Odessa organize dates in such a format, including clubs and coffee houses. You won’t hear loud music here. Atmosphere is good for private communication. A lonely man is offered to get acquainted with 5-10 girls and choose the one he likes most of all.

No matter how cruel it may sound, if you want it very much, you may hire a woman ‘for rent’, but only for some hours. Some escort agencies offer such a service. Besides, such offers can be found on forums and in social networks. ‘Lovers for rent’ promise to make a good company to go to movies, a theater, a shop or just help you not to feel lonely. Odessa’s guests will have to pay much money for such a beautiful and sexy partner who also speaks English.

Those who wish to find a bride without spending much time and efforts are welcome to the internet, for example to ODESSA.DATING matchmaker server. The advantage of such an acquaintance is that one can specify search criteria of a bride and ignore not fitting talkers. Psychologists advice men trying to get acquainted with Ukrainian women in the net to consider the net as a common database. ‘Transfer your virtual acquaintance to a real one in the course of some days,’ they advice. ‘If a girl wishes to stay virtual, let her stay... just not with you!’


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