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Real Estate in Arcadia.
Odessa is a wonderful city known for its vivid originality and versatility. Its location is close to the Black Sea which makes it different among other major cities in Ukraine. The powerful international sea port and of course tourism are the main sources of revenue. Odessa's real estate market prices show its profitability in third place behind Kiev and Yalta.

Residential real estate in the city has no clear class divisions, like those in Kiev (the Ukraine capital. In Odessa, their signs of "elitism." The main indicator of housing status is its location. The most expensive and prestigious seaside area is the French Boulevard and Arcadia. This is where the bulk of expensive brand new buildings are. The uniqueness of these sites is in close proximity to the sea and a good environment. There are the most health centers, the largest park named after Shevchenko and botanical garden located here. The location near the center and at the same time away from busy highways gives Arcadia undeniable advantages.

Arcadia is a magnet for the wealthy "visitors" of real estate buyers, which in Odessa, as befits a resort city, made the basic rate developers of luxury housing (class "Business Plus", "premium"). For such investors, including characteristics of the object in the first place is a sea view. Apartments in Arcadia, with panoramic views are worthy of a separate segment of real estate, their value is often determined individually and may be 1.5-2.5 times higher than the price of similar houses to more modest views from the windows. Factor in the location of the Odessa market is a key in determining the value and prestige of the object. Most status places to stay - the central historic part of town (near Deribasovskaya St.) area of the park Shevchenko and Arcadia, where the price of 1 sq. km. m in new homes is $ 2.5 thousand - three thousand and provided a panoramic view of the sea 1 square. m can reach $ 3.4 thousand - five thousand. " Send flowers and gifts

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